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Index [31 Aug 2029|02:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So, I'm revamping an old journal so that it would match my Cosplay.com, DevArt, and whatever accounts. This will be primarily used for cosplay be it progress pics, photoshoots, polls, etc. Feel free to friend or ask any questions.

This page will be used as an index for certain characters. I will be tagging my entries.

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About Me [30 Aug 2028|02:12pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Name: ABT

Gender: Bigender.

CIS: LA Confidential.

Age: 22. ): As I edit it now (2013), I'm 27. Wow. Been awhile.

Height: ~5'5" give or take

Likes: Cosplay, making AMVs, video editing, writing, bothering Kale, RP, LARP (though I never do the rooms - it's only with some friends, sorry ): ), dancing (though I'm horrible at it!), the intrawebz, CAPSLOCK, D.Gray-man, Sushi, going out for Indian food, PIZZA!, working out, kickboxing, cooking, mushroom and zucchini om nom nom, etc.

Dislikes: Swiss chard, bigots, racist bastards, anyone who makes intro posts to communities with the title "HELLO MINNA-SAN!", cutesy nicknames, anything really cutesy (unless it's Lau Jimmin), Negative Nancy, Naruto.

Fandoms: dgm_amvs, reever_reever, lavixreever, toomanyallens, crossxcloud, sokaroxcloud, sokaroxcross

Upcoming Conventions: Not sure.

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Rarely Update-BUT [14 Oct 2013|09:27pm]
Okay, seems like this LJ was hacked. Please ignore the slew of Russian stuff from a German IP address. Going to delete that crap now.
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DGM Xmas Party! [24 Dec 2008|11:45am]
[ mood | creative ]

It's Christmas time and I had a cosplay DGM party. Some videos were taken, and two already uploaded of some... precious moments.

We're still not sure how this happened:

And Lavi's an Idiot:

Allen = animalboything
Kanda = anakanda
Lavi = lazyartistgirl

MORE PICTURES SOON AS A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE CAME, INCLUDING unsymbolic, dr_ghost, creatore_magico, and x_izone!

I had also changed into my Howard Link cosplay for the last time, and my Reever Wenhamm one. It was so much fun!

Digi's slowly uploading pictures here though the really cute Kanda/Allen... Yullen sounds so silly... ones aren't up yet.

This entry probably will be updated through the day as we get more pictures! :D If you guys have any pictures of the event, please send me links so I can post them here!

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FIRST DIBS [26 Sep 2008|06:54pm]


Just wonder on color scheme...

Opinion?Collapse )
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Sohma Hatori [02 Sep 2008|12:01pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Again, at Sakura Matsuri '07.

These pictures were taken by my mom with a disposable camera. Wow.

Note: I love how in a few of the pictures my face was shadowed. Made me feel like they were manga pictures, and two felt like they were really mimicking some of the Japanese-style cosplay pictures (in terms of composition). This cosplay isn't retired, but I haven't cosplayed him in more than a year. Are there any Fruits Basket groups still around? I'd love having my Mabudaichi Trio. I'd be torn about using a different wig (though probably one that had longer bangs would be more accurate since this wig is one of my favourites).


You're an idiot, Shigure.Collapse )

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Seguchi Tohma, Red Vest/Trenchcoat Outfit [02 Sep 2008|11:55am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Another character favourite of mine. The wig was styled in fifteen minutes after my previous Tohma wig died. Overall, I still was very, very happy with the cosplay, though because of said wig, a lot of the photos were garbage from these (all taken at Sakura Matsuri NYC 07).

Missing you.

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Lavi, v2 [31 Aug 2008|02:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This cosplay is sadly retired as I've sold him (save for his hammer, which is still for sale). He has a good home, though!


Photoshoot from SUNY Geneseo Halloween 07 and pictures from the Wicked EventsCollapse )

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